kino kino: Community for cinema, philosophy and inclusion

Alien & Turtle LLP is a registered social enterprise. Our in-house social arm is an inclusion and education program called ‘kino kino’, in which we use film to build bridges between marginalized communities and the general public. We also apply education and story-based consulting to our client services, such as CSR or brand related needs.

 Capacity Building

We provide education resources, training and our own social initiative program involving organizations and communities in the not-for-profit sector as well as for corporate partners.


  • 2018 – 2019 Learn SG seed fund for kino kino
  • 2019 Q1 kino kino series featured in Time Out Singapore
  • Member of the Accessible Arts Hub Singapore


kino kino – Community for cinema, philosophy and inclusIon

kino kino is a new event series and community for cinema, philosophy, and inclusion. We use the magic of movies to bring together a community of equals and discuss everyday issues and ideas. We build bridges between the general public and marginalized communities.

Here’s what we do: We put on a movie screening and afterward have a discussion about everyday issues that relate to the film we just shared. Each of our sessions has its own theme. Philosophy issues aren’t high concept, out of reach… Whatever happens in a daily routine relates to us as people and as a community. And that’s where we start with kino kino.

New events for 2020 will be listed below soon, and you can keep up to date with us here.

Get in touch with us if you’re interested to explore collaborations as our event partner!

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