Meet the Team

Alison is an award-winning creative producer/film maker, trained to translate ideas into visual narratives for clients and broadcasters.

    Alison Li Creative Director/Producer

    With a background in SME finance and as a corporate secretary, Loucille sits on top of project operations, logistics and accounts.

      Loucille Sabapathy Production Management and Finance

      Sarah-Tabea is a filmmaker, writer and film scholar. She works across broadcast and online media, education and arts.

        Sarah-Tabea Sammel Advisor / Founder

        Having years of experience as a creative, she has cultivated a “problem-solving approach” to whatever projects thrown her way.

          Etta Lee Graphic Designer

          The origin of the Alien & the Turtle

          In 2015, Sarah-Tabea sat at a table crowded by storytellers. Someone had brought a game, which consisted of several dice with symbols on them.

          ‘How about we play a round?’
          ‘We roll the dice and everyone has ten minutes to write a short story that needs to contain all of the displayed symbols.’
          ‘That’s a bit boring. How about we do it in two minutes?’
          ‘Are you serious? Alright, you start then.’


          The earth is round. Humans like round things. A round thing is a football and many people all around the earth like to play with it. This was round, too, but it wasn’t a football. Back at the spaceship the alien discovered that it had stolen a turtle.

          The alien watched a fast plane cross the sky over the slow creature on the ground. It liked that shielded, wrinkled, it. What do turtles do? The alien looked at its equipment. Can turtles catch fire if you leave them alone? There was no one around and the sky fell darker around the little ship, parked in a high grass meadow full of flowers. The turtle crept through tulips. The sounds and colours of the city oscillated in the distance. Maybe, the alien thought, as the night air tickled its senses and the grass twinkled in the moonlight, turtles are good for friendship.

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